Argenta Bed Set

Latex is a high-end foam type that has more elasticity than memory foam. When used in a mattress it delivers a faster response time and more bounce. Latex is a highly-resilient foam which offers comfort and allows better air flow through your sleep-system. Its supportive nature helps with relieving pressure-points through-out the body.

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LFK is also known as OPEN-OFFSET spring – LFK innerspring with anti-sag support.
Ergonomically designed to offer ultra-responsive support.
Conforms to the individual contours of the body.
Surface coverage that’s consistent all the way to the edge.
Durable, long-lasting coils don’t take a body impression..

  • Latex Foam
  • Cotton knit panel fabric ticking
  • Open-Offset spring
  • Available sizes :
  • (LxWxH):2000×1830


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