Luxurious Dreams Bedset King Extra Long

A gentle firm mattress with Premium PocketCoil Spring technology, cotton knit fabric ticking and premium high density foam box-top.

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Product Info

Premium Pocket Coil Spring Technology: Each spring occupies an individual pocket and can move independently of the others.
– For couples there is less disturbance during sleep due to partner movement.
– For the individual there is increased spinal support due to the higher spring count

Cotton knit fabric ticking: The fabric that covers the top of the bed is made from the finest cotton. Cotton ticking has many benefits including:
– Cotton is warm in winter and cool in summer.
– Easy to clean.

Premium high density foam box-top: This extra layer of high-density foam brings you even more comfort. Engineered with the greatest care, this box-top layer makes a big difference
in giving you a good night’s sleep.

Comfort Level: Gentle Firm. No-turn mattress.

  • Premium pocket coil spring technology
  • Cotton knit fabric ticking
  • Premium high density foam box-top
  • Comfort level
  • No turn mattress
  • Available sizes
  • King Extra Long (LxWxH):2000x1830mm

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