Defy Chood 900T Prem Stainless Steel DCH318

With a stainless-steel finish and sporting incredible extraction technology, the Defy 900T Premium Cooker hood adds value to any kitchen interior. With the predominant kitchen style centred on open-plan design, it can become quite difficult to ensure the results of your cooking don’t impact the rest of your household.

Through the installation of this superior air filtration system, you’re able to effectively remove all forms of airborne grease, fumes, smoke, odours, heat, and steam. This not only improves your home’s air quality; it will also moderate the temperature of your home as well. With three aluminium filters, two halogen lights, electric push-button control and a three-speed fan, you’re ready to get cooking!

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Glass panel
1 LED light
3 aluminium filters
Single 3-speed fans
Electric push button controls
Dimensions(LxWxH):480 x 900 x 1000 mm

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