Capri C210 Chest Freezer Hairline Black

KIC KBF639 Fridge Bottom Freezer Black

KIC KBF639 Fridge Bottom Freezer Black
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Silent Cooling : The new design of the electrical connections, together with an improved tolerance and special dampening materials reduces the noise and improves the quality of the sound emitted. Big Balcony : The KIC big balcony creates more space in the door for better storage options, including the ability to store 2 and 2.5 litre bottles. Energy Save : With energy efficience comes cost savings. Energy efficient fridges use less electricity with means that you spend less on your monthly electricity bill. Surge Protection : This technology protects the compressor and ensures that the fridge keeps working efficiently, despite variations in power , keeping your food safely and efficiently preserved.

Capacity/Literage – 314 l Capacity Auto Defrost/Frost Free – Auto Frost Settings – Adjustable Thermostat Efficiency Rating – 4 Star Dimensions W X D X H – 600 mm x 618 mm x 1740 mm Unique Feature – Water Dispenser Type – Fridge and Bottom Freezer

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