Credit Terms & Conditions

Credit facilities are now available via Whatsapp (SSB and Innscor only) - Please get in touch with us on 0786 195 816/17 and one of our online credit agents will assist you


Applications for credit terms must be made at one of our TV Sales & Home branches. Please provide an original copy of your current pay slip and a copy of your I.D.

All applicants who are able to meet the above criteria will be asked to fill in our credit application form and, where applicable, complete the SSB STOP ORDER  deduction form (TY30) or ZAPAR STOP ORDER deduction form.

These will be sent to our vetting department for consideration and verification purposes.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused should your application prove unsuccessful.

Advertised installments are indications only, and the actual figures may vary depending on your qualification criteria.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Tel: +263 (0)24 275 8254 / (0)24 277 9227 / (0)24 275 7216 / (0)24 275 8735 

Email :

Download Application Form

Click here to download credit application form
Click here to download ssb stop order form