Please find below our Lay-Bye Terms and Conditions. If you require any assistance, please contact your Sales Representative or the Store Manager.

  • The maximum term for a Lay-Bye purchase is 12 months.
  • It is better to pay equal instalments, but any payment will be accepted.
  • Lay-Bye customers are welcome to make accelerated payments on their Lay-Bye accounts and do not have to stick to any set term, as long as the payment period does not exceed 12 months.
  • In order to open a Lay-By account you will need to pay a minimum deposit of 10% of the purchase price of what you wish to buy. The higher the deposit that you pay the less you will have to pay off with your monthly instalments.
  • All Lay-Bye purchases are interest free.
  • Our entire range of goods is available for purchase on Lay-Bye accounts.
  • Goods purchased may not be collected or delivered until full payment has been made, including any delivery fee, if applicable.
  • Goods will be available for collection or delivered to the customer within 48 hours of the final payment being made, subject to stock availability.
  • In the event that the goods purchased are out of stock, or no longer available, the customer may select alternative goods to the value of the credit in his Lay-Bye account, alternatively the customer will be refunded to the value of the credit in his Lay-Bye account.
  • Should the customer choose to cancel his account, or the purchase price is not paid up within the maximum 12 month period, the customer will be refunded the value of the credit in his Lay-Bye account less an administrative fee of 5%.
  • Lay-Bye payments can be paid in cash in-branch, by Ecocash, or direct deposit into our TV Sales & Home Bank Account.

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