Our Brand, Vision, Mission and Values

Our Commitments

Our Brand

Our brand is synonymous with Trust after more than 50 years of trading history. Zimbabwean consumers know us as the preferred retailer of durable home appliances and furniture. Customers will have peace of mind that their purchase will far outlast the duration of the product warranty. We have earned this trust by only sourcing quality branded product and then backing it up by investing heavily in a reputable customer care service team who attend to any issues relating to after-sales service. This differentiates us from our competition, as we are passionate about the quality of the products we sell.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life and aspirations of our customers in our chosen market and thereby to create and unlock value.

Our Mission    

We strive to build lasting relationships with our customers through accountability, service and communication. We go that extra mile.

TV Sales & Home is a furniture and electrical retail brand specializing in a large but focused range of quality durable household appliances and furniture sold with a guaranteed after sales promise. 

Our Values 

Customer Service

We promise seamless service that exceeds your expectations.


We promise teamwork that achieves common goals.


We promise professionalism in everything we do.


We promise to be open, honest and to keep you informed at all times.


We promise to take responsibility for our actions and commit to deliver to you.


We promise to think beyond our own branch to meet your needs.

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